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Dr. Fuad Čibukčić

Bosna i Hercegovina

CEO Environmental and Energy Efficiency Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Professional Summary
Knowledgeable corporate business professional, with exquisite background and outstanding experience in the following work spheres: broad-based business management, energy efficiency, environment, top management of telecommunication/software sector, advertising, and marketing background in combination with excellent communication skills. Management experience in large and medium-size global companies, newspapers, and electronic media, especially skillful in planning and increasing revenue. Hardworking, an innovative leader who has extraordinary experience in
crisis management as well as leading companies with more than 3.000 employees and keeping values of international environment and overcoming cultural differences.

Work Experience

June 2016 – Present

CEO Environmental and Energy Efficiency Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Governing fund employees and running numerous project connected to soil protection and remediation, water purification, clean air measures, and energy efficiency

• Establishing and actively improving environmental agreements between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the following countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro

• Cooperating with a governmental body, companies in the country, and the following international organizations: UN, UNDP, SIDA, GIZ, USAID in the interest of execution of projects

September 2016 – Present Guest Professor; School of Business and Economics, University of Sarajevo; Sarajevo

• Teaching Human Resource Management course on the master program December 2015 – January 2018 President of the Supervisory Board; BH Telecom; Sarajevo

• Leading the Supervisory Board of the biggest telecommunication company in the country

• Governing more than 3000 employees

• Introducing infrastructure for 5G network in Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 2012 – August 2015

HR Director; Siemens B&H; Sarajevo

December 2008 – May 2012

Head of HR/LCO; Siemens B&H; Sarajevo

July 2008 – December 2008

Acting CEO; Siemens B&H; Sarajevo

October 2007 – July 2008

RCO; Siemens B&H; Sarajevo

• Handling conflict
• Mentoring
• Leadership
• Time management
• Innovation
• Vision and Decision making
• Team building and leading
• B1 Driving license
• Computer and Technological proficiency

March 2004 – October 2007

CD and CC Manager; Siemens B&H; Sarajevo

October 2003 – February 2004

Executive Manager; Hayat TV Network; Sarajevo

June 2000 – September 2003

Business Advisor; International Research and Exchange Board
(IREX Washington); Sarajevo

May 1998 – May 2001
Marketing Promotion and Development Manager; Jutarnje Novine
(Newspapers); Sarajevo

June 1995 – May 1998
Deputy General Manager; Večernje Novine (Newspapers); Sarajevo

April 1997 – October 1997
Spokesperson; OHR (Office of High Representative); Sarajevo
February 1993 – March 1995
Journalist/Editor; Radio Bosne i Hercegovine (National Radio
station); Sarajevo

February 1992 – February 1993

Highschool Professor



PhD of Economics; Singidunum University; Belgrade

MBA Program; School of Business and Economics, University of Sarajevo; Sarajevo

Bachelor of Psychology and Pedagogy; Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo; Sarajevo

Bosnian/ Serbian/Croatian

— Native

English — Proficient
German — Pre-Intermediate
French — Pre-Intermediate
Seminars and Workshops

• 2016 – 2020 UN Global Environment Conference, Madrid; Energa, Munich;numerous environment and energy efficiency conferences in Abu Dhabi, Copenhagen, Paris, Baltimore, Bruxelles, Edinburg, Oslo, Rome, Athens, Barcelona and Berlin.

• 2016 – 2017 MWC World Telecommunication Congress, Head of B&H Delegation, as the president of the Supervisory Board BH Telecom. Beijing and Barcelona
• 2015 Jan/Feb New Leaders, Fellowship program under the patronage of HM Queen Elisabeth and UK Government, London.
• 2008 – 2014 More than 20 different trainings, Siemens workshops, in Europe, North America and Asia
• 5/2008 CD-HR training, Munich and Vienna
• 6/2005 Bucharest, Romania, Corporate Communication training
• 10/2004 Portorose, Golden Drum, Advertising festival
• 5/2004 Chemonics, Washington, Managing company, seminar
• 6/2003 Graz, Austria, Cultural Stadt in New Europe
• 1/2003 First Sarajevo Advertising Festival, participant
• 3/2003 Advertising Business School, Belgrade, presenter
• 5/2003 IREX Advertising Business School, presenter
• 10/2002 NAB Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, participant
• 9/2002 Portorose, Slovenia, 9th Advertising Festival of New Europe, participant
• 5/2002 WAN, Brugge, Belgium, participant
• 10/2001 NAB, Conference, Paris, France, participant
• 9/2001 Golden Drum, 8th Advertising Festival of New Europe, Slovenia
• 8/2001IREX Advertising School, presenter
• 10/2000 Publishing in the New Europe, Riga, Latvia, participant, presenter
• 10/2000 Golden Drum, Advertising festival, Portorose, Slovenia
• 9/2000 New Europe. Advertising School, Belgrade, presenter
• 11/1999 World Association of Newspaper, Berlin, Germany, participant
• 9/1999 East Europe, Journalist Association, Budapest, Hungary
• 7/1998 WAN, Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands
• 1997 Frankfurt Festival, Germany, European Union; Freedom of Journalism, Bruxelles, Belgium; American media – business school, Chicago, USA
Radnička cesta 34, 71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 569 540

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