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Dr Boko is the President of EUbusiness, a global think-tank aimed to empower sustainable development of the European Union by endorsing cutting-edge technologies and advanced financial instruments with leading human capital.

He holds Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and has managerial schooling from Harvard Business School and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Haris is affiliated with Band of Angels, the principal investors of Silicon Valley inaugurated to facilitate the growth of technologically advanced and innovative businesses. He is engaged with global asset management funds focused on renewable energy and artificial intelligence and collaborates with Special interest Groups on energy and investments at Stanford University.

Dr. Boko was Senior Fellow with the London School of Economics and Political Science involved with emerging markets implications on global development.

Haris has wide corporate and public sector experience in spanned areas of business development, strategic planning, restructuring, due diligence, initial public offerings, valuation, privatization, and transactions from San Francisco, Montreal, Vienna, Tokyo and London, predominantly in energy and healthcare.

As strategic consultant, he arranged the innovative assessment methodology for bankability of European energy infrastructure in excess of €30 billion.

In banking, he managed assessments of financial instruments to allocate loans and portfolio investments on behalf of Governments, World Bank, EBRD, EIB as well as plentiful of commercial banks, venture funds and individuals.

In mergers and acquisitions, he arranged road shows, performed financial and technical due diligences, settled the valuations, and finalized the transactions.

Professor Boko served as Dean of the AMBA accredited MBA School, directing its strategic planning, budget, curriculum, staff, and research. He supervised growth campaigns and corporate in-house training. His ultimate responsibility was to safeguard the highest quality of public service and education.

As the professor of strategic management, he was coaching students how to arrange resources of a business endeavor to achieve its goals and objectives.

Dr. Boko managed the accession of new European Union’s and NATO member country, supervising the entire network of national developmental projects.

Haris is advocating ESG, the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance criteria to assess the societal impact on financial performance and operations.

He chaired European Union’s panel on EU energy market and contributed to numerous bodies of the European Commission. Dr Boko governed the Nordic Chamber and AmCham, has been keynote speaker and chaired international gatherings at global think-tanks including Trilateral Commission, Davos World Summit, German Marshall Fund, Economist Intelligence Unit, Wilton Park, Chatham House, Cleveland Club and Atlantic Council. Haris moderates Aspen Institute’s Executive Seminar on leadership, values and the good society.

He was competitive tennis player and sustained devotion to offshore sailing.

Dr. Boko is the honorary citizen of New Orleans, USA, and is awarded with the honorary medal by the City of Kyoto, Japan.
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