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Professor Davor Pavlović


I gained a first-class BSc (Hon) in Biochemistry from University of Huddersfield in 2001.


I gained a first-class BSc (Hon) in Biochemistry from University of Huddersfield in 2001. During my undergraduate degree I spent a year working at Imperial College London in a laboratory of Professor Ten Feizi where I investigated the role of oligosaccharide ligands for proteins involved in innate and acquired immunity. I obtained a PhD from University of Oxford (Exeter College) under the guidance of the then head of department of Biochemistry Professor Raymond Dwek and Professor Nicole Zitzmann. At Oxford I worked with a Nobel Laureate Dr Baruch Blumberg where we showed that Hepatitis C virus p7 protein forms ion channels that can be blocked by long alkyl chain iminosugars. In 2005 I moved to King’s College London (St Thomas Hospital campus) and took up a post of a British Heart Foundation Research Fellow in the laboratory headed by Professor Michael Shattock, where I worked on regulation of the cardiac sodium pump. My work uncovered the role of protein called phospholemman in adrenergic, nitric oxide and phosphatase mediated regulation of the cardiac sodium pump in health and disease. In 2015, I was appointed as a Lecturer in Cardiovascular Sciences at the University of Birmingham where I have set up my research group. In 2020 I was promoted to Associate Professor. I have recently been appointed as a Lead for Cardiac Diseases Theme at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and named a Fellow of European Society of Cardiology. My laboratories primary research interest is to understand molecular mechanisms of ion transport in the heart and how these may be targeted to treat cardiovascular disease. My work is translational and focused on heart failure, arrhythmias and cardiorenal syndrome. For my work I received awards by the International Society for Heart Research and European Society of Cardiology. My work is 2 currently funded by the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, Animal Free Research and British Heart Foundation. 

ACHIEVEMENT SUMMARY – Attracted over £2.3m in research funding from British Heart Foundation, Medical Research Council, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, The Wellcome Trust and Animal Free Research. – 42 peer reviewed articles (9 first author, 9 as senior author). – >1700 citations, with and h index of 21. – Deputy Lead for Post-Graduate Research at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences. – Lead for the Cardiac Diseases Theme at the Institute for Cardiovascular Sciences, coordinating work of over 30 research groups.
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